01 February 2016

2016 A to Z Challenge Sign ups

A to Z Challenge April 2016
I have entered the A to Z Challenge for 2016.  I've entered before and didn't rise to the challenge then.  I did find a couple more blogs to read.  However.

I would like to point out a problem one might encounter if one bookmarks the wrong page.  I’ve spent a few “minutes” off in the “Black Hole of Despair” due to bookmarking the wrong page.  I’m supposed to put up the badge for this challenge and write a post about it.  Well, I’ve looked and looked for the number beside the link for my blog.

Up, down, left, right and backwards.  Started from the number I thought it was and went all the way down to 1400, 1500 or so.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Well, I decided I’d sleep on it since my eyes might have been just the teeniest bit tired from all the reading and writing I’ve been doing.  I signed up on the 29th or thereabouts.  I was amazed at the number of blogs already signing up since April is quite a few weeks off yet.

This morning’s attempt at finding the badge finally yielded the desired result when I noticed the year on the announcement I’ve been searching on.  Yepper, 2015.  I looked up and saw the tab for “2016” and voila, there it was.  Currently, my number is 445 which is where I’ll start reading blogs from.  If you’re interested in joining this blog challenge, click on the link in the side bar or here.

I’ve already started writing short posts, about 500 words or thereabouts and will be scheduling them to post during the month of April.  As this blog is, more or less, a collection of posts about my life, my times, ahhh, a memoir of sorts, I will be using that as a theme of sorts.

I'm off to continue writing these shorts and if one sees me giggling to myself, why, now you'll know the reason and mayhap be tempted to stumble here and find out why.