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Growing up in the 60's and 70's on the rez has given me an eclectic view of life. Living away from home for a few short years has given me a great appreciation for the way I was raised.

I have been given the gift of two sons, a large family, a fair amount of friends and the opportunity to add to the precious gifts I've been given.

I chose the names for my blogs because they are me. I was given the name Niiganabiik when I was a baby. Of course it's not the one on my birth certificate because my tribe was not allowed to practice their religion openly until the late '70's. The blog I write about my journey through the genealogical world is named Niiganabiik. My Personal Journal is named Niiganab because it is a short form of my name. My legal name is, well, it is my legal name. Being Anishinabe though, it was also shortened and there are nicknames. Thus I have six names plus one.

Naming my characters is not that much of a problem for me. It may become one for readers who are not familiar with the way I was raised. Some of my characters are referred to by one or two names. Therefore, I felt it necessary to point this out here. Just in case....

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