24 October 2011

All Aboard

We arrived in Flagstaff last evening where we went to Black Bart's for dinner. It was fun to listen to the waiters and waitresses singing. Yesterday was the highlight of the trip: the Grand Canyon.

We stopped at three places where we were able to look out. The date is wrong on the picture. Apparently, a couple of the gremlins decided to vacation with me. The date should have stayed set.

I don't think we were as excited as we were the day we went to Bryce Canyon. I have a lot of pictures that I took and I will be setting up a public album when I get home.

This is some really beautiful country. Our tour guide, Brian, told us to smell the bark of the Ponderosa Pine: vanilla or butterscotch. I smelled butterscotch.

This morning, we were standing outside and saw a "jackalope?" crossing the street. He'd sit and wait for the cars to go by and move a little bit. Just like the two legged jaywalkers I've seen.

I have only an hour to get ready to leave, so more on our trip later, Most likely on Thursday.

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