26 October 2011

Home at last!

After what felt like hours on the last leg of the journey home, I discovered that we might not have a ride home. Apparently, the gremlins are mad about having their vacation cut short. On our last day of the tour in Las Vegas, they struck.

I happened to be away from my mother when the battery in her tank needed changing. The knight on the charger who came to their rescue was not the white knight of fairy tale fame. From the minute his hands touched the POC, things went wrong. One: This knight on the charger should have ridden to their rescue by admitting he didn't know how to change the battery and instead ride three steps up into the food court and inform me that I was needed. Two: When he spotted me sitting in the food court, he could have informed me then that the aforementioned machine needed changing.

When the lady who requested my attendance at a short meal had finished eating, we went back to where we had left my mother and my aunt. Alas, no one was there. We searched high and low [not really, we ourselves didn't want to get lost] and then decided to sit in one spot. Upon discovering that we had been joined by sufficient of our company that I felt comfortable leaving the lady, I made a circle looking for my mom and my aunt.

I came upon them at last where they were happily playing a machine. I checked my mom's machine and noticed the handle was not quite right. Aiiiiyeee. A first inkling began worming its' way through my almost overloaded brain. I tried to fix it or at least see what was wrong. Then, we visited the powder room whereupon I discovered the dastardly deed that was to cause me much heartache, sorrow, gloom, doom and a bit of the fiery temper I inherited from a certain parent who shall remain nameless was ignited on the fateful journey through the not so friendly skies.

"Millie" a highly excited voice came to me from the room. I searched in two rooms for the voice. "Millie, come here. Your mom's tank. You have to fix your mom's tank." I let out an exasperated sigh which quickly became a grimace and a short flash of the famous temper I inherited.

My mom's tank was in pieces. The look on my face said it all. I quickly rushed to her to get the tank off my mother who was trying to lift it while my aunt was trying to grab the handle which wasn't working. I reached down and grabbed both the tank and cart off my mother. "**** tried to change the battery. He did something." After I had gotten the tank mostly upright and air flowing through the tubing, I was biting my lip. That name was all I needed to know. Unfortunately, the gremlins had been joined by imps. I wasn't to find this out til much later. It turned out I only thought I had everything straightened out. {To be continued on the morrow. I am in dire need of a little rest and refreshment at this moment.}

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