07 October 2012

Fantastical news....

On Friday morning, I woke up to play a few Hexic D games along with various other to-do's. It was a tad bit cold, alright, downright cold. I wondered why my little toesies were freezing. My solution was to find another blanket or two and wrap up in one while adding the other to the top of the pile I was already under.

After my third straight loss at Hexic D in survival expert mode, I glanced out the window cause the drapes had been left open a mite. I was surprised to see daylight. I went back to debating myself on the merits of continuing the loss record or watching something on Netflix. At the precise second that my eyes swung halfway back to the screen and my fingers were already hitting the buttons, a field of white where there hadn't been one the day before appeared at the limits of my peripheral vision.

I looked.  I stared, okay, goggled. I just could not believe it. I jumped to my feet, kicked the blankets loose and hightailed it to the door.  Which I promptly jerked open, rubbed the storm window, then shoved the darned door open. Snow, snow on the roof of the building where I had first spotted it.  Amazed, I stepped out and immediately regretted it.

05 October 2012 0732 Taken later.
Snow! Snow, every where I looked. That's when the regret hit me. My poor little toesies that I worked so hard to get warm. I leaped back in the house, slammed the door, not caring if the storm door shut and ran for the blankets again.

It's not even close to Halloween. Now where are my hat and mitts. They were here in July, even August. Hmmmm. Boots? Jacke....