15 December 2011

Be patient, I tell myself -Father's post

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also, what can i do to have soft, beautiful hands? the answer, nothing, and continue doing it all day long.,
Once again this was dated Monday, 28 November 2011. I do not understand why the post doesn't show up when I check my emails. Must think of something different. Aha, another email? Will have to try that, which will involve another visit to my father's house to reset computer for him. That could have been done the other day as I was there using his Microsoft Word program. Hey, could that be where the slideshow I worked so hard on has disappeared to?

I had started another post earlier, which of course has gone the way of the 8 track and other items from my youth. In it, I had detailed my adventure with trying to get the product of my recent introduction into the filmworld online. Howsomeever, I must find ways to get these important pieces of mail from my father.

{In checking on the Help forum, I find that Google is revamping and thus have disabled my links to this post. I've had a few problems which I won't go into detail. Sufficient is the fact that my blog posts won't be even close to the amount I was getting in the habit of doing. Heeaahh. Grimace is getting to be my friend lately. Righteous geeks, I salute you. Now, to find the bugs and squash them.}