01 December 2011

NORAD Tracks Santa is live!

Been waiting all year for this. I used to wonder how Santa did it. Imagine that! Forty-eight years old, duh, light bulb goes off {Actually NORAD turned it on,} and there is Santa making his rounds. Here I thought he must have used some kind of magic spell. Couldn't even explain it to my kids. Ha.

I found out about NORAD's tracking after I installed Google Earth. Had fun using that I tell you. And I found out about Google Earth when I saw one of my nephews using it. I asked my sons about it and installed it. Took a trip around the world in three hours. Still not done traveling on it. There are so many places I want to see, even if it's on the 'net. Still, fascinating to watch Santa's progress.

My nephew comes over and we watch until he's almost here, then he goes to sleep when Santa gets to the US. Yes, it is exciting to watch him. He knows Santa isn't really alive, yet there is magic there. To see the excitement in his eyes, to listen to him tell us how to decorate just so and where to leave the cookies. I tried to tell him to leave soy milk out. Nothing doing. Now, I think I might tell him Santa wants something different with his cookies. Maybe, he'll have to ask his other aunt to send over a plate of peanut butter cookies when she starts baking this year. My last batch was too well done. Somehow, I don't think Santa would like that.

My sons have finally quit taking bets on which one would get the chess set this year. Most of my holiday shopping is done already. Finally did what my mom does and get stuff all year round. Course, they had to be small enough to stash. Santa leaves presents for everyone here. I wonder when he does that? While we sleep after 0300? He must make another mad dash back to the house. Or does he use an invisibility spell? NORAD has explained the magic of his visiting each house. Maybe I'll ask them.

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