19 December 2011

Two shows I enjoyed-Brule and Celtic Thunder

Saturday evening, I saw Brule at the Bear. It was a great show. Of course, three short women ended up sitting behind tall people. Luckily, there was screens we could watch. I enjoyed watching them dance, especially the tribute to Veterans. Didn't know they allowed photos, so I didn't have my camera. I liked watching the mini-competition also.

As I sat there watching, listening to the music, I thought about our night at the DECC watching Celtic Thunder. Both shows were great. The difference was...vocals. Brule had no vocals other than Paul LaRoche speaking. I recommend seeing Brule perform, if you get the chance.

Celtic Thunder sang some songs I hadn't heard before. Of course, this is why I go to shows, to listen to music I haven't heard. I found myself singing even though I'm told to hush. Sitting between my Mom and Cousin was a slightly dangerous spot if I find myself wanting to sing. Might get smacked upside the head. Although, if there is a strong lead, I can harmonize good. And there were some good singers here. I checked out their website and found the CD's I didn't have time to buy at the concert.

I spent a lot of time studying the bodhran that they had for sale. Now, I know what they are. Saw references to them in stories I read and didn't look them up. Sometimes, I'm happy to just imagine things. For some reason, I thought bodhrans were like flutes. I found out the instrument is a small hand drum. Live and Learn.

And tomorrow I will be watching my nephews and nieces perform at the Christmas show. Looking forward to seeing the new suit that one was excited to be getting. He actually got a little frustrated when I answered the phone and it was for him. He quickly put on his shoes and went home. He didn't even turn off the game he was playing, that's how excited he was.

Two great shows and one to look forward to. Life is good.

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