19 December 2011

New things

I finally got the FB Comments box on my blog today and now I have to switch in order to get help from Blogger which is now on Google+. I have zero friends on Google+ and besides, I liked how I set up my blog. Will leave this the way it is for now. May switch back. I had read some comments about the sidebarlinks and other items not being on the blog. We'll see. I can still get my blogs off the reader in my dashboard.
Been looking around at the new template. Sorry guys, I haven't found a way for FB comments. You'll just have to comment on the links at the page as usual for now. Still getting to know how the page stuff works. As you've noticed, I haven't been able to get a profile picture up yet. Might have to change something on there too. But I don't know how that will affect my ability to play, errr, visit my 5th favorite haunt.

Most of the changes won't really affect your ability to read my ramblings, just what you see and how you see it. I had to change some of the settings on my dashboard to even get to the new template. Not sure about that. I have found a few more of the "don't click the links" affecting stats.

A lot of changes since October and I'm learning them, slowly and slowly. We'll see how this affects my style of writing in the coming days. Not everyone uses phones to read blogs though. I can see the readers, which by the way, if you didn't download one to your computer, you can still get one at Amazon. Those were the free Kindle ones, which I do have a copy of. I don't have any place to put links on and so will most likely, make a separate page.

I think that right now, I'll only be getting new friends on Google+ as everyone else I know is on FB. Well, time heals all, goes slowly, will tell and other such things. Father may just have to keep on sending his posts the usual way as I can't think of an easier way of getting them.

Could you let me know how this works for you? I don't even know if the fan page at FB works as those links are gone also. One little like button. {must get back to studying some more of these new ways. Reminds me of the old days...heh heh...when we used party lines for communication. and I'm sure you've heard the story of my dad's first experience with telephone as a child.} [Can't even preview this. Hope there aren't any typos, as I''m thinking you'll let me know.]

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