02 January 2012

Mom's Birthday

Tiger Lady (My Mom)
Today is the anniversary of the date of her birth 76 years ago. Hard to believe that she is over three quarters of a century old. {I made a remark about "half a century" in reference to my father. "Don't say it like that. You make him sound just old." I, myself, am now over that benchmark.}

My mom is fiercely protective of her loved ones. She is intensely loyal, sometimes hiding the hurt and grief handed to her by those she is loyal to. She's known as "Tiger Lady" by those who know her best. I remember the first time we were referred to as "Tiger Cubs" and being surprised.

She has always provided for her family. Her growing up years were the forties and fifties. She talks about the parties the teens went to. She tells about going to school, watching movies occasionally.

I liked sitting and listening to her and her sisters and brothers talking and laughing, having fun. Most of those memories center around the ricing season because that is always the best time of the year for me. Everyone had their part to do and did it, no muss, no fuss. {cept occasionally from young ones who didn't want to do these things.} Upon occasion, I would hear tales about the escapades they got into. She's lived through the loss of many things; family members, her home, her jobs. She's always bounced back and carried on. She has friends who come through for her, relatives who help when she needs it. Much else has this woman I call Mom taught me; why we celebrate the anniversary of the day of her birth. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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