19 May 2012

Back on again

Well, well, well. Messing around with the new things a few months ago was not the best thing I could have done. As you know, I was trying to get a workable commenting system for FB users. Blogger was using a new system, which I tried out with a remarkable sense of ease. Much to my surprise, no one could comment.

So I reverted back to my old account. Then, Google Connect came up. Then my boggled mind was slowing down in the morass of "too much to learn, with very little time" and I came crashing to a complete halt. Well, I didn't use my computer for a few months because it's valuable protection was lost. Rather than download, upload, uninstall, install, reinstall, I waited until I had the wherewithal to regain that valuable protection.

Meantime, my desire to crochet a blanket for the newest member of my family led to making a few more blankets for other worthwhile purposes-Elder fundraisers. This process freed up my creativity which restored the balance of aforementioned boggled mind which has led to a frenzied "catching up" period for the last four days.

I was moving along at a pretty good pace, catching up with things at my seventh favorite haunt. Was actually starting to enjoy myself until last evening.

I had just come up with a plan to accomplish a few goals within the time frame I have for that particular haunt. I had "cooked" a dish and was watching an episode on the device that occupies my sons whenever their mother and grandmother aren't engaged in reruns. {another time, tee hee.}

I glanced at the clock to check the time. "Pop", click, black. Light from my sister's laptop provided me with the sight of her astounded expression. Time stood still-we realized in a heartbeat that the electricity wasn't coming back on. Sigh, second set of spoiled dishes in one day.

After going about the usual hunt for the candles, lanterns and shutting down of the medical device which was blaring away at us, we sat to reconnoiter the situation. Then, Sister engaged in shutting down her laptop, I stumbled about trying to find the phone number to call the light company which is on a magnet sitting on a cabinet in the kitchen. Ahhh, the number was on my cell being put there after the last frenzied search in the dark when the blizzard resulted in days of no power.

All necessary items being taken care of, I sat back to consider how to best accomplish the serving of those dishes that were still able to be saved. Sister's suggestion to go to Dad's was considered for a few moments until we looked at the battery operated clock. I thought of several family members I could call to see if I could go to their house as our section was the only one without power which meant that a transformer had blown somehow during the high winds. Ahhh, siiigh. Spoiled dishes.

We were outside talking to the local officer whose duty it is to protect and serve who also happens to be a relative of my nephew. Light bulb goes off in my mind. I rush into the house to try to save those dishes, turn my son's laptop back on, pull up the faithful browser. No internet.

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