20 May 2012

Zaagi baga Giizis - May

The merry month of May has many memories associated with it. First and foremost is "School's out" with powwow being a close second, possibly even tied. Howsomeever, there are others such as Memorial Day. Memorial Day brings reminders of those who have journeyed on, family and friends as well as veterans.

Zaagi Baga Giizis translates Moon of the Bursting Buds. Zah Gii Bah Gah Days pow wow is held in June though as those on the pow wow circuit know very well. It was switched because there are too many other functions happening in May-graduations mostly. Since education is so important to our Band, the powwow was moved to the first weekend in June. Of course, the school year lengthened thus prompting another move.

By the time the powow comes in June, I am ready for the relaxation of the powwow. I don't dance every year. Sometimes, I show up just to get a delicious fry bread taco or two from Jane and make the rounds to see who is all there. Occasionally, I dance without getting into my dress. Mostly, cause I have to fix it. I redesigned the sleeves on the pattern and forgot to allow for the difference. Teehee.

Now according to that last statement, some of you might be wondering how I made it to Elder status. Ahhh. That is one of life's secrets. I attained this status with the generous help and support of many family, friends and the Creator and his Helpers.

Thus this month, in many ways, marks the beginning for me and brings reminders of all the loved ones who have made a contribution to my Elder status.

Giigawabamin noongom. See you soon.

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