27 May 2012

Sunday Morning....

Sitting here listening to my fav singer-Josh Turner. I listen to several other singers and Turner tops them all at this time.

Latest doings in this household are going to several of the Community events happening right now. Particularly the Honor the Veteran's Memorial held on Friday. Got some pictures. They're posted on FB. This set of pictures has filled up my 80G xdrive. Course it might be the system making backups of backups which I didn't want done. Does that machine not follow directions? Do I have to teach it to read the directions when all else fails? Huuh...time for another one. Here I thought my sister was the mad photographer in the family.

Lightbulb turns on. My sons are gone visiting etc. I can play my CD's. Yippee. Cept now I think they also have my favs. Drats. Josh Turner is not here. Ahh George Strait, Rheba, thank goodness...finally. Music.

I didn't realize how much I miss music. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There is some free music stations on. Maybe I'll do those later. I have three being ready to play. Teehee. Still working on setting up a playlist of music. And getting earphones, a player thingy and subscriptions for buying music are moving up on my list of things I'd like to get. Right now radio or the gifts I got are what I have.

The George Strait 50 number ones are sure bringing back some memories. Ahhh. Some of the friends who listened to these songs with me have journeyed on. I miss them every once in a while then I remember I will be joining them. Now, I think of the things I learned from them and do some of them in their memory. My life has been enriched by so many of them. It's sometimes hard to realize the number of people who have made that journey as I wasn't in daily contact with them. Good to see them when I did though.

Memorial Day is tomorrow, traditional is on Wednesday. Take some time to do one thing that your loved one had fun doing. Doesn't have to take all day, could be something as simple as listening to their favorite song. Sends some happy thoughts all around.

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