29 May 2012

Rainy Days and Mon...ah..Tuesdays

This day started out with sitting up, turning to my side and flopping back down on the bed. Upon arising from the bed two hours later, I promptly started playing a game on that console with controllers in easy reach and played for an hour. Heeteeheehee. All available contenders for this device were otherwise engaged, much to my delight. Then mom and I watched a couple episodes of those shows from "ancient" days.

Then I turned on the other device that occupies much of my time since I have finished those blankets. Sadly, I have not caught up with all the action as I spent most of this p.m. researching and making sure the codes for this blog were workable. And am now in the process of waiting for expert opinion on my attempt at coding. Yay for tutorials and step-by-step instructions. This is one time, I read directions first, double checked and have now triple checked. Still, would rather have the wherewithal to hire some of this work done.

And I can proceed with other projects that have been on the back burner simmering as I dealt with the front burners that were operating at high heat. Boiling over almost like to put out the fire, which in my case is the fine art of writing in this journal among other things.

This p.m. a wavering outside the living room window caught my attention. I had to look three times, then go get my glasses {which I don't wear while reading as something is wrong with my dratted prescription} and there it was. A fine rain was being blown in waves as it fell, I tried to find my camera and no luck. The rain drops had thickened enough to fall straight down. Or the wind died down. Another memory to go along with the others.

Yesterday's sunshine was a welcome sight, even though I know Mother Earth needs her drink of water, particularly in this area. Still, I reminisce about the days of slogging through mud puddles and being told to "wipe that mud off and get out of those wet clothes." That hasn't really happened for a few years. Maybe cause the streets are paved and the water is being drained through a system that used to fascinate me as a child.

However, those memories must not deter me from my usual round of haunts on this device. Have already checked in and accomplished a couple tasks on that dratted "report bug" button. Have fun.

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