30 September 2012

Puzzles, doings and ramblings

Sunday morning. My sons are off doing man stuff with their friends. My mom and nephew are sleeping. Wednesday through Friday, mom and I spent by ourselves having fun at our favorite hangout. Rats, it's our only hangout nowadays. We don't really travel much since our usual mode of transportation is limited to the village until we can get the vehicle fixed or buy a new one.  Loans take awhile.

The last dance on the old grounds
The powwow is scheduled for October 12 at the school as the powwow grounds are being finished now.  They are supposed to be ready by the spring powwow. The architect's plans were presented at the Elder meeting.

The new ball field is being cleared out now. Sister played softball this summer. The ladies had fun. They won a few times. She'd come home frustrated sometimes. The ladies needed to practice. No place to practice.  The old ball field is now a parking lot, the older ball field is now the Assisted Living Center, and the other field we used to practice on now have residences, homes, houses? The new field will be ready by the next time the ladies, and of course the men, need the field!

The village 30 years ago
Getting community necessities is time consuming in a Wetlands area with very little land to build on. Most of the land is owned by the MCT and a timber company. The Band actually owns very little of the land on our reservation. When the map was shown at a community meeting, it was a bit of a shock to actually see the land coded as to the owners. My image of the rez is hundreds of moons out of date. Pays to go to meetings once in a while to check out what is new.

When the new store was built, the Secretary-Treasurer said the last of the old buildings from before the 60's was gone. Not quite. The Methodist parsonage and the quonset hut are still standing.  Oh and the outhouse is still in back of the house.  Not used as the village now has city water and sewer.  Teehee.  I have to mow around it during the mowing season. My father and I looked at it one day.  Then just left it.  I also mow around the church cemetery, well, the middle third of it. There is no fence post along that side.

Many is the time I skedaddled through as fast as I could when taking the short cut from home to friends house.  Hated being sent to someone's house when I had to cut through.  The road that bounds the south and east side is okay to walk on though.  Hmmm. Maybe I am just a tad bit too imaginative as I'm never quite sure where the graves are anymore.  Should never have gone to see "Night of the Living Dead" when I was so gullible.

Still trying to find the house that looked enough like the house in that movie, just to show my sons. Alas, cannot find it.  I think it's changed by now.  Since my cousin up and wrecked my puzzling on how the gas pump thingy knew when to shut off, I had to find something else to puzzle on during those moments when I need something to puzzle on.  Well, needs are calling and I must answer.  Teehee...my characters are yammering to get their stories told.

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