26 July 2008

Short Introduction

Aaniin. Hello. Greetings. Welcome to my blog where I will post short stories for those interested in the life and times of one Anishinabekwe who has seen much on the path I have chosen to walk. Sometimes, those choices had dire consequences, other were full of joy, much happiness. I know there are all sorts of tips out there about handling these facts of life. Things like "Train your family to not interrupt you" are great if you only have 3 or 5 to deal with.

Being Aniishinabe, I have a great deal more to deal with. At last count, there are 26 members in the two generations down from me, 140 or so in the other lines that we are close to. Happily, I don't have to deal with all the problems. Just keeping up with the latest news can be a hassle.

Of course, the latest news may include items of interest that may not be suitable for public viewing. Therefore, comments will be moderated. The sites I have are intended to include children, so keep this in mind when posting comments on those posts where I have allowed comments.

All posts reflect my view of life. Being an Anishinabekwe, my views will not always be comprehensible to all readers as my path in life follows the Anishinabe traditions and culture. I may not always explain every little detail, nor will I take the time to translate words and expressions that will, inevitably, crop up in my posts. The simplest reason is that our words do not translate well into English. As I’m not familiar with every concept in mainstream American society, I may not always be able to find the words. The next simplest reason is that these posts are intended for a specific people, Anishinabe or Chippewa in the Unites States legal system.

If you find yourself feeling offended by any post, please stop reading and continue on your path in life. I do not intend to defend my way of life, nor do I intend to debate any or all portions of my way. Remember, this blog reflects my view of Life.

Thank you for reading this short introduction to Niiganab.

***Updated 09 Feb 2015***

I haven’t republished the family site since Google changed to Sites. Working on getting the website up and running now that I know a bit more about how things work. This blog has been updated to reflect my learning in the years since this blog was started.