26 June 2011

Change from within and without

Positive energy flowed about the small Sphere, happy, content.  The Apathetics were pushed this way and that whenever the Positive flow touched them.  A Negative spark bounced into the midst of all and introduced itself.  The Particles of Apathy merely moved aside, allowing the Negative spark a foothold.  Negative concentrated and soon, it had changed one of the Positives into a copy of itself.  The two then concentrated until they changed two more, then doubled again and again.

In no time at all, Positive was replaced with Negative until one tiny Spark zoomed. It desperately needed a place to recharge.  Spark was drained by the Negatives until a faint outline was left.   There, an opening left by Negative near the Great Pool of Forgiveness.  The pool's warmth soon permeated the tiny Spark.

It rested for a bit.  A lot of energy waited to be transformed back to Positive.  Spark got an idea: invite some of the other Sparks to come to the Pool.  It used the warmth to propel itself back into the Negative energy and pulsed with Joy, Hope and Warmth.  When the Spark bounced off the Apathetic ones, a bit of the Apathy caromed into the Negative and was redirected towards the Pool.  It missed the opening by a tiny bit and bounced back into Negative.  Negative and Apathetic bounced around.  Negative wasn't pleased with  Apathy's movement and bounced around looking for Positive, the instigator.  More Negatives and Apathetics were pushed from their spots.  

Positive bounced into a few more and got Apathy moving towards the Pool.  They too missed and bounced back.  Positive was giving up hope, losing it's joy and warmth.  A burst of light rekindled hope when cracks radiated around the opening.  The Pool's weight pushed at the wall and caused greater cracks.  Positive redoubled it's bouncing and more of the Apathetics were moved towards the Pool.  The weight of Apathy pushed against Forgiveness until the wall was shattered.  The Pool splashed into the broken Sphere.  

Forgiveness covered Apathy, changed it into Positive.  Spark bounced faster and faster with the renewed warmth from the Pool.  It was joined by the transformed Positives.  Together they worked on the Negative until a new set of Apathetic ones was formed.  When the Negatives saw this, they rushed to leave and were stopped by Forgiveness.  Negatives fought the Pool and a new wall was formed.  

Within the new Sphere, Positives settled into a new flow, happy, content once again while Apathy closed it's eyes and slept.

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