22 June 2011

When all else fails- read the directions

Reading directions is the hardest thing in the world to do.  It has to be.  Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many people who try, try and try again before they give up and read the directions.  I find myself doing the same thing.  Have to remind myself to read them.

Once I looked for days for the directions on how to use the phone's answering machine.  My son set it up, took the messages, deleted them, set up everything on it.  Then I needed to clear the machine and change the greeting.  My son was busy and couldn't help.  Everyone else just knew how to pick up the phone and answer it.  I started by hitting the buttons, set up, menu, redial.  Tried to hit the forward, back. Nothing worked.  Then had to hunt up the directions.  Trying to set up my website was an ordeal.  Even with the directions, it was difficult.  Now, I can do both with ease.

I mention this because my brother had to read the directions for his phone as it was costing him minutes each time he tried to use the speaker thingy.  I was interested in how it worked also.  Not to the extent of trying to figure it out though.  He might not have had any minutes left and I'd have to get some more for him.  Pretty expensive lesson that would be.  

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