04 July 2011

Random thoughts {can't settle down to focus}

Getting up this morning was a bit tricky. My eyes kept wanting to stay closed.  Did it in 15 minutes. Yay.  The sun was already on it's way to getting the rest of the day done.  It seemed to me that I needed more encouragement to finish out my day.  Then, logged into my usual haunt and there was my niece wishing everyone a good morning.  Just what I needed to hear.  She cheers me up, though she doesn't know it.

I needed a bit of cheering.  For most of the night, I was feeling like blah.  Trying to get a couple hours sleep between shifts is nerve wracking.  Afraid I'll oversleep.  Then be rushing around to find my shoes because they aren't where I put them.  Once I wore my slippers.  Good thing it was a midnight shift.  Mind, I'm not complaining.  I like this schedule.  The only really busy day for me is Sunday.  Normally, I don't have to do the one on Saturday but coworker wanted to go to the concert.  Now I will have an extra day off this week.  Yes.  Next week will be switching back to normal hours.  Unless I win the lottery, the one that I don't think Minnesota will be in for awhile.  I don't buy the tickets all that often.  Don't know why.  

Other random thoughts for the day:  Looked up some quotations.  Saw a few that were obviously taken out of context.  Tried to look up the original but it didn't happen.  Came across some blog posts that had quotations on them.  Might be using the wrong search engine.  Not getting as many pages as I used to.  Might be something to do with "page ranking"which I don't really care for because I can't get to the ones I want to get to.  You know, the ones that you think you bookmark, only to find you didn't.

One other thought: Reading takes up a lot of time.  Wasn't aware of it until I tried to do too many things.  Now, I limit myself to an hour a day.  Still can't limit myself to one hour on my favorite site.

Well, between my niece and myself, I have beat down the blues once more.  Tata, later.  

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