01 September 2011

New Look - Sort of

Imagine that. I've spent all this time trying to get something done on the coding aspect of my blog. Now, there is some changes to make my life easier. We'll see. So far, I like the changes.

In honor of that I decided I'd change the color at least. I thought about changing the whole thing. Not after this day and last evening though. Methinks the gr....ns are back and I'm being very quiet just in case they lost. However, if they advanced and are just resting, then I'd like them to get all the rest they need.

I need to check on an adventure I signed up for. Been so busy the last 20 hours. And I'll be busy for a little in the morning. We are having an Elder's Dinner with some visitors tomorrow. I had to help fix the gifts for an hour or so today. The Elders will be here mid-morning til mid-afternoon.

Off to get my beeeauuuuty, rats. Now, all I see is coding stuff. Giigawabamin. (See you tomorrow)

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