10 September 2011

Rest Day

Taking the day off the lake. We have rice to parch. First, we need to find some wood. Boy am I glad it was my son who decided not to go first. I didn't want him saying that I was the first to wimp out. Staying on shore will give me some time to get a few other things done besides parching the rice.

I have been reading through the list of the First Challenge on the Campaign Trail. There are some very good entries. Glad I'm not judging these. It's hard enough to pick out the ones we're allowed to vote for. The best part is that I've read a couple other bloggers who weren't in any of my groups. So for those of you are following that side of my latest doings, there are quite a few items I have added.

On another note, I most certainly am glad I walked over the summer. Though the past two days have been ideal ricing days, no clouds meaning no wind and finding a good sized patch, it was still a workout to come back in. The open water was a little choppy which reminded me why I don't like crossing the lake to get to those beds. The first day, we came back through a really thick stand of rice using only paddles. My shoulders are sore as I knocked while my son paddled. When we can pole, I'll switch to poling. Yay.

We have enough for eating for one year when we get done with the first two days pickings. We'll move on to the extras. With all the feasts and gatherings, we'll need about another 50 pounds. Then for gifts I think another 50. So we're working on a goal of another 100 or so pounds finished. At the rate of the last two days, that'll be another 3 or so days. Might be less if we can get used to the workouts.


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