08 October 2011

An Adventure Awaits for you and for me

I've mentioned that I was notified that I was eligible for the Elder's Trip in my long ago post. [Two weeks is an awfully long time on the net. Two ... weeks, man time is flying by.] A daily checklist of things that needed to be done was adhered to and both mom and I are cleared for the trip. All medicals, dentals, anything else has been taken care of. Now, we are just going through our clothes, washing them, making sure we have a decent mixture of dress and casual. Not to mention, checking with the other travelers to make sure they have what they need.

With all the details for preparations winding down, I'll finally get a chance to really look at the itinerary. All I know for sure is arrival at Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and trip home date. I've been to Vegas once. I've been to Phoenix, rather Mesa, AZ once. All else I only know from reading about the area.

There are a fair number of us going. The first thing anyone asks when meeting another elder is "Are you going on the trip?" Most answers are "Yes" which makes for a few people I know who aren't going for sure. Three to be exact. Must be more; I've only talked to one for sure.

In the midst of this, there is a bloghop I am participating in which is coming along nicely. The publish date for that is scheduled on 24 Oct 2011, Monday at 0000, give or take a few seconds. Hope you'll find it as interesting as it has been for us to create it. The begin of the adventure is linked to the bloghop logo on my sidebar. {which I'd better check on. Last time I tried to set it, it didn't go. The logo is there, just haven't linked it yet.}

I will be doing the bloghop myself. Although I have seen the parts as they have been created, I haven't really made my choices and followed along. I am looking forward to this adventure also. Hope you'll join me on that one.


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