23 October 2011

And we're off

Well, the post is a little late. We actually left on Tuesday morning. Flew out of Mpls and arrived in Vegas in the early evening. Went on a tour of the city the next morning. Then to my surprise, I couldn't get on the internet until this evening. Not that it wasn't available. I just didn't have the cash to spare for the fee.

So far, we have been very tired at the end of the day. Our tour guides, bus drivers, travel assistants and hotel staff have been doing their best in making sure we are having fun.

Our days are scheduled right up until evening. I have had very little free time to post. Will be setting up some pictures on Monday or so. I might pick a few to post and comment on right in the blog. Most will be in an online album.

We will be getting up very early tomorrow again, and in the evening, I must get the Pick Your Own Adventure set up to be published Monday morning.

The country we have been touring is very beautiful. We are making our way around the rim of the Grand Canyon. Very tiring also, we aren't used to the altitude.

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