17 November 2011

Happenings Part II

Well, this day has been okay. Sort of a break, catching up on some of the blogs I missed. Good to find out I'm not the only one who hasn't posted in a while. Yay.

Today's ceremony was great to be at. The list of Warriors gets longer each year and that's good. The Roll Call was amazing to listen to. The Warriors who stood proud was a sight to see. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera. There was a moment of silence for those who crossed and those who are missing.

The meal was also delicious. Thanks to the cooks and servers from Fortune Bay for the fine meal. I didn't get enough rice on my plate and had to get seconds. We had time for short visits with friends and relatives.

My word count for Nano is 14,000 which means I'm going to have to write more on the next few days. Playing catchup is usually what happens about this time but I end up winning. A couple years, I didn't get my word count validated though. The Pits. One thing, I haven't been hanging around the forums as in the past. Too many projects that need to be done this month.

Thanks once again to the Tribal Council for providing the trip around the Grand Canyon. That project will be ready to be posted as soon as my nephew helps me with a portion of it. We'll find out if a video started on a PC will work on a Mac. Most likely not but here's hoping. I have a great deal more respect for those in the film industry after doing this. Will happily pay for those movie tickets now, providing the movie is one I want to see. Well, my third favorite haunt is calling so I'd better skedaddle. {since 14,000 is exactly half of where I'd like to be, my story must be the priority after Friday. Or this might be the first year I don't win.}


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