28 June 2012

Ruminations on life

I've been thinking about this a lot recently.  Most particularly, since I've been dealing with family issues as well as the vagaries of the games I play online. The ones on that fairly irksome site that has constant server problems, report bug problems, ad nauseum.  I whine and complain and still I keep playing.  I think I'm going to catch up on all those fairly high standards of play required by the marketing strategists on that ***&{deleted} game that my nephew started me on back when I was fairly new to the social scene on the net.

Those were just after the days of "Quit clicking on those, mom! They're just trying to get you to download useless stuff."  Of course, now that I'm fairly sophisticated about these things, I find that I am still "clicking on those" and getting fairly useless stuff.  And finding myself waylaid by the temptation to spend my hard earned dollars for more useless stuff.  Grievous notion, one that must be admitted.  I have spent a few of those hard earned dollars for useless stuff.  Of all the useless stuff I've bought over the years, I think the online game is the most useless of the useless.

When one thinks about this {thanks to King George aka George Strait, I have been walking down memory lane these past couple days} and realizes one still has "G U L L I B L E" in neon green on one's forehead, one has to stop, drop and roll.  Particularly, when one's life is echoing with all the lessons constantly in refresher mode for all the little one's in curiosity mode and haven't been introduced to some of these important concepts.  If they have, they don't realize those lessons will keep being repeated until one learns that lesson, acts on it and progresses to the next one.  With all this refreshing, one'd think "G U L L I B L E" would have dimmed to just plain green.  Having achieved Elder status, you'd think "G U L L I B L E" wouldn't even be on aforementioned forehead.

Ahhh, noooo, just today, another of those pretty pictures with the eye catching colors depicting a reward of an implement deemed necessary to my enjoyment of the game has surfaced on my entry to that dratted online game.  Now, I must drop and roll and see where I've stopped.  I play those games to interact with my family as we are a game playing family.  This presupposes that all members are at the same level {ahh, another experience involving the fairly new chat box that we were all coming to enjoy when we were in separate States, thousands of miles apart.} and can operate as a team to overcome those obstacles.

Howsomeever, it seems the object of the "game" is to introduce some divisors to sidetrack us and get us going in all directions such as one sees in the cartoon section of the next most viewed object in our household specifically designed to separate us from our hard earned dollars.  Family issues have also sidetracked us and we are all going in different directions.  No wonder it's extremely difficult to keep the main objective in sight.  We've all got our eyes on something else, most likely, the shiniest and newest of the newest.  We need to get our eyes back on the main objective and "go for the gold" whether it's in a dratted online game or....life, love, family and friends. Could this be what is meant by "Prioritize?" Or just plain "F O C U S", maybe even Relax.  Hmmm, ruminations can go too far also.  Time for action, methinks.  Therefore my next objective will be those goals laying by the wayside in my mad dash to get the latest in a long line of eye catching doodads.  {Possibly even hanging on to some of those hard earned dollars for something deemed useful along the way.}


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