14 October 2012

Another day in the life

Ahniin, greetings all. Just me again. Today's the last day of the Miigwetch Manomin powow at the school. Man time goes by fast. I thought it was still a week away. Then sis comes home late, like after midnight on Friday.  At my cocked eyebrow, ":} Powwow."

All this time, mom and I have been too lazy to hook up the music machines around the house. So we've patiently waited for the boys to sleep or go to work, and watch movies. Duuh. Today, I was subscribing to some music on YouTube. Lightbulb! XBox. subscription.

I happily hooked up the XBox to my YouTube and now mom and I are watching videos.  Listening actually. Tried to use my computer. Just don't have the right kind of speakers to "party the night away." Heehee. Grand Ol Opry in the living room.  Good thing the boys are away doing man things again this weekend.  Mom and I did this one time, blasted the stereo as loud as we wanted. "My Son John" came in the house "Turn that down. What are you doing? Partying? Ho! Trying to blow out the speakers?" We laughed,"yep" and danced the day away. {We don't drink, do drugs and my sons don't smoke cigs like me and mom, for those who think talking doesn't help. We still have fun.}

One of my many projects is the finishing of my son's vest. Finally found where I stashed the beads for it in our frantic "painting the house" day. Thanks to a couple cousins or three, we got that project done in one day. Well, can't blame the grems or brownies, cos I stashed them where they wouldn't get painted up.  Right in front by the door, so I wouldn't lose them. Naturally, the box was buried under a couple boxes of books.  I think I may post a few pics in an online album for those interested in seeing how the vests are made.  Along with running commentary by yours truly. Hehheh.  Usually, they're made with velvet. I chose to use broadcloth, so I could get it done faster. Yeah right. Could have used velvet for all the time it's taken me.

Ahh, well, time for my old lady nap.

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