22 December 2012

Happenings in kitchen

Well, the day started out fairly innocuously.  Sis came in with a carton of eggs with the instructions that I make egg salad sandwiches.  Huuhn.  Didn't have the heart to tell her that I'm not cooking eggs for quite a while.  At least, til the holidays are over.

Yesterday's inauspicious beginning was I woke up late.  0600 is late for me.  Nieces and nephew came by on their way elsewhere.  Not long after they continued on their way, I decided to boil up some eggs for breakfast, for me, mom and son who needed to be at work by 1030.  So far, so good.

I commenced my revising and research on the current works in progress.  Finished the plot checking and mapping.  Made sure I had all cities located and what not.  Finally, went to take my old lady nap, ahem, rest my hands from their furious typing.

Niece came back from her various errands and together we watched a few flix on the machines.  She left after a few minutes of being bored out of her skull with my idea of excitement to play in the snow outside.

After my hour of viewing the flick finally drove me to playing Hexic D.  Yes.  Having a great time on the account my son was gracious enough to get for me which leaves his free for pursuits of his own when he disappears for days at a time.  Not to mention the times he or I would sign each other out of accounts just at the most exciting portion of the movie/game one or t'other of us happened to be participating in.  {Wonder if he takes my name in vain at those moments.}

Mom came out to the kitchen to work on her 1000 piece puzzle.  I decided to play one more game before trying out another movie.

"Pop" similiar to a light bulb burning out.

I froze.  I went to the kitchen.  Mom and I looked at each other.  Nothing.  Went to the living room on my way to check the other light bulbs that were on.  Uh-oh.

Went back to the kitchen, heart pounding just a tiny bit faster.  A smell that was definitely not perfume started wafting it's way through the house.

Sure enough.

Kettle of water had boiled away.  An egg had burst it's shell.

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