02 December 2012

Novelling Madness

The month of November goes by pretty fast.  So much to do, Veteran's Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinners, NaNoWriMo.  The Veteran's are honored at a dinner.  This year, the movie, 'Act of Valor,' was shown, an Honor Song was sung and Veteran's were given a gift card to spend.  An excellent dinner was prepared by the staff.

Thanksgiving dinners.  Mom and I went to town and bought the fixings.  For some reason, we had about $20 left at the checkout.  Mom looked at me and I really didn't feel like running around again.  I told her to wait cause we'd be making a mad dash on Wednesday night for something.  The clerk told us "We're open til 7."  It wasn't us making the mad dash.  A cousin called and asked what time they closed.  She was on her way.

NaNoWriMo.  As some of you are aware, writing 50,000 words in thirty days can be a challenge, not only for the writer, the family and friends who live with the writer feel the effects.  This year, I finally got me a headset.  I happily listened to the CCR cd, a gift from my son.  Had the volume turned up to a level that blocked out sound.  Sometimes, I didn't even hear the song as I wrote scenes, synopsis, notes.

I was checking out the Pandora radio I remembered I had an account at.  Was gonna give a thumbs up, the task bar slid into view and the sound icon opened.  I moved the mouse tail, blasted my ears.  Mom came to get me for some reason.  She'd been trying to get my attention.  I tore the ear thingy off and saw mom.  Went to deal with whatever had happened and told her about the volume.  She thought I was mad at her for interrupting.

On the 29th, I was reading over the scene I had just written.  {I was over my 50,000.}  I felt something on my back.  Turned to look and there was my son, smiling, "Uncle," pointing at the door.  Took the ear thing off, "What?"  "Uncle."  I looked and there was my uncle standing at the door.  "The movie."  They were laughing at me.  I told them being so deep into the scene I wrote was why I'd jumped.  Laughter.

I, occasionally, checked on my second and third favorite haunts, stayed away from the others that occupy a great deal of my time.  Absolutely didn't even stay on the newsfeed long enough to get tempted to click on the fancy new pics accompanying the bits and pieces asking for my help in accomplishing some or other of the endless goals.  I was on a mission 50,000.

Now, that I've relaxed a bit, added some scenes, spell checked {hadn', isn', I',}, I am most probably back to normal.  I've talked to my nephew about making a book cover for me.  Statused that I'd finished the novel, I've had some comments here and there about it.  Crocheted four hats too.  Dad picked up Packer green and gold yarn yesterday.  All in all, a busy month.


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