10 August 2015

My Mother, Marjorie "Marge" Holmes

Today is the first time I've posted on any of my blogs for quite some time. My mother, who's been the subject of many of my posts, started her journey to the Spirit World on 23 July 2015.  Over the winter and early spring, my mother has been the subject of much prayers and good thoughts. We laid her to rest on 28 July 2015, near her sisters who journeyed on before her.

I've been updating my blogs for a blogger type book, you know the business side of writing, when she became more fragile.  Not that she ever was the sort of woman to admit she needed help. Oh, I watched her over the past few months. Then in February, I decided to get her garden going.  That was our last project together.  There's still a few projects I'd like to finish.

One of them is repainting the house, inside.  I'd tried to have her paint the house in any color she wanted.  However, it was white and would remain white.  "You can paint it any color you want, do whatever you want.  After I'm gone." when I'd pressed her about the color.  So, I will repaint the house, her bedroom, in her favorite colors. The rest of the house will be in my favorite colors.  Seeing's how my son thinks the world of his mother and will allow me to run his house the way I see fit.  Heh heh.

She sorted through her clothes, donating many for the local Boys and Girls Club fundraiser.  Still a few clothes, jackets and other odds and ends were set aside for her grandson's fundraising efforts for his trip to France next year.  Those will be delivered, preferably, picked up.

Then, in April, after I'd been elected Secretary for the Elder's Committee, she happily started sewing again.  She dragged out her fabric, cleared the kitchen counter and set up her sewing machine.  Yesterday, I was looking for something and tried to pick up two squares I thought had fallen from the pile she'd made.  It was still in the machine, waiting for her to add another set of blocks.  It's still there.  At least til we finish clearing out the rest of her things.  Then her granddaughter has said she will finish the blankets.  These last two blankets will be kept in the family.  We will donate sewing of our own making in her memory for the Elder fundraising.

I will revise the books I wrote.  She was so proud of my writing.  She even contributed some ideas and that particular book will be dedicated to her when it is finally published. She was happy when I finally got to attend a Writer's Conference.

I have so many memories of her.  I am grateful for the years I lived with her.  At my sons insistence of course.  Together, they decided that Grandma's was where they wanted to live.  And so we have.

Marjorie Alice Holmes 1936-2015

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