12 March 2016

New Phone, New Company, New Routine

Whoa. Buying a phone, changing companies and getting the new phone set up, I don't know.  It took about three hours. The actual phone stuff was only bout 1/2 hour.  I left home bout 10 or so, arrived at the phone store after picking up my son and found we had about an hour or so to wait.  Long line of people ahead of us.  Naturally, we were a bit disappointed at the wait.

About two, three weeks ago, my son told me to watch the mail for the new phones as he decided to change companies.  I'd only been trying to get him to think about it for a few months.  Ever since the third or fourth time ago when I was extremely frustrated with that particular "exhausted bandwidth" snafu.  That had me actually pounding on my computer because the current project kept getting interrupted by the "mini-blackouts" every couple minutes.  Weell, it felt like every couple minutes.  I actually don't know since I was in the middle of some very important research, copy/pasting bits of knowledge over into my plot lines, etc, etc, etc.

"Oh, by the way, I need your phone too."

My eyebrows raised and I could feel my eyes bugging out.  Actually speechless for a couple seconds.  "Why?" was all I could manage to utter in my slightly panicked mode.  Being as I was in a swirl of emotions, happy we were changing so I could actually use my phone here at the house, glad I was getting a new phone which did not last very long seeing's how I'm finding how much I dislike learning these new-fangled operations on new phones, or anything that's the latest in the high tech world which I sometimes struggle to keep up with and most important, was a sinking feeling regarding the thought of having to give up the old phone which was fully paid for at the time of purchase.

"Cause I got a deal on the new phones, BOGO (Buy One Get One free, since I stealthily managed to find out what those particular letter combinations meant) and I need your phone."

"Why?  It's a perfectly good one," was all I could come up with in the come-back department.

"Cause we have to turn in the phone to get the new one."  My son's face was getting set into that expression that  I learned so many years ago meant that I was becoming a bit frantic as he thinks I overreact to stuff.  Complete and utter bafflement befuddled my poor little birdbrain as I tried to marshal my thoughts into arguments that would wear down my son and let me get my way.   He  must know me pretty well cause he turned his head, lips thinning, trying to keep from laughing cause he knew perfectly well that I'd give in.  Which I promptly did.  "I guess,"  whilst thinking there's plenty of time to change his mind.

However, standing in line, I was beginning to get just the tiniest bit excited, looking at the displays of all the new phones and stuff.  Guess I am my father's daughter as he gets the same way.  Then sister doesn't want to wait at the store whilst all this is going on so she suggests we go downtown.  I want to go to Walmart just across the street.  Son looks a bit perturbed.  I go out to have a you know what and she comes out and we go to Walmart.

We're there for about the hour and get back to the store, thinking everything is taken care of.  No son.  I look all over the crowd of people.  No son.  Sister gives me her phone so I can call him being as he has my phone.  "Where are you?"

"On the road, by the gas station.  I'm walking.  I forgot my driver's license."

"Wait there, We'll come get you."

So, we pick him up, get him to his house and get the license.  Then we decide to have lunch first.  Finally back at the store an hour later.  Ahhh, the phone setup was smooth, nothing wrong, weell, guess some of my stuff didn't transfer.  However due to previous experience, I'd backed everything up to the cloud.  However, I did not know I'd need my password to actually get into that stuff, so that had to wait til I got home.   Eight hours later, I enter those few, all important bits of code and voila!  New phone that promptly let me password into my account with just the text as I had to be able to log in to get the authenticator.  Yippee.  Doing the hap, hap, happy dance!

Now, my son and I are going to talk the eldest into doing something about the internet situation, probably involving switching companies on that too.  Wondering if this is the first time we've worked together to get the eldest to do what we want when it involves the spending of money.  Not that he's a scrooge or anything, just he thinks we go overboard sometimes.  Hmm.  Tapping my foot, so I think I'll head out and dance with the plants.  They might like that.  It'll wake them up a bit more.

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