31 March 2016

Pre-A to Z Challenge Jitters

My link moved to 435-(Mostly for my own use as I need to read from this point on.) #AtoZChallenge 1500 or so Bloggers have signed up.  Tomorrow, or more precisely midnight tonight, the A to Z Challenge starts.  Doing the happy dance!

Since it was recommended that we disable the word verification feature, I want to mention Spam finding its’ nefarious way into what is an exciting, well, maybe not exciting, at the least, an adventure.  I’ve enabled commenting with the moderation feature enabled.  Now, years ago, I had an experience with spam on my blogs which led to my working hard to get ahead of the virus that was unleashed upon my unsuspecting, good natured-mostly, computer.  Methinks, I should have been, at the least, aware that that might happen.  Since I really do not like to be suspicious of everything, as that is not a good way to live one’s life, I will reject any comments with links in them.  

Ahh, now, that that is out of the way, I will happily let you know what my anticipated entries are about for the month of April.  Food and cooking in my little world.  Had fun writing some of them.  Cause, for some reason, what I’d envisioned and what actually got written were two totally different things.  All good things do not necessarily come out of my kitchen.  Luckily, I learned enough to keep my family from starving.  Which is about all one can hope for.  Maybe one hopes that one’s child gets to be a great cook and can then take over for those of us less gifted in the kitchen.  I was surprised at the amount of food that comes under many of the letters of the alphabet whilst there was maybe one item for a couple of them, items which I had no idea existed until I looked up the alphabetical listing for food.  That’s pretty amazing for one of the necessities of life.  Or could it be that we, as a whole, are less imaginative than we think when it comes to food.  Or, is it that there are only just a few ingredients which then means that most recipes are just listed under each one of those ingredients?  Hmm.

Well, before I go gallivanting off into the world of research inspired by those last few idle musings of mine, I’d better cover one more item.  My favorite time of the year-Spring.  Which brings us to Camp NaNoWriMo.  Which is also being held during April.  Yes!  Will be revising another manuscript written during one of the previous writing adventures.  Hoping to get my blog posts all scheduled to publish at a set time so I can work on this other project.

You’d think that with two or three projects always being worked on, that I’d be on track with my word goal for the year set at 1,150,000 words.  Nah, doesn’t happen.  Luckily, I also set a minimum word goal along with two others as I’d be all the more happier doing the mad, crazy happy dance when I cross one or the other of those goals.  So far, I need 20,000 words to catch up to stay on track with my minimum goal of 287,000 words.  I’ve already got most of the outline ready for the month’s revision goal.  

Guess that’s pretty much all I wanted to say in this pre-A to Z Challenge post.  Hope you find a new author, writer, photographer or five or six to follow during your sojourn among the Challenge writers.

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