05 April 2016

D is for Dogs

Dogs.  What an odd choice for this month’s theme of cooking and or food, you might be thinking.  However, amongst Indians, dogs are pretty important in our way of life.  Many must consider what to get the dog when shopping for food.  Turns out, there a much wider variety of food available for dogs nowadays.  I remember when we only had three varieties to choose from: solid as in dry, canned as in liquid, and scraps from the table.  And usually, only one brand of solid and liquid-Alpo.  Since those days, dog food has become big business.

When one walks into the grocery store, there’s about 20 varieties to choose from.  And that’s just the local store.  And local for us is about 30 miles away.  If one chooses to travel further for food, like say, 60 miles, then the choices become more varied.  I’m not even getting into the choices available 120 miles away.  There’s whole aisles devoted just to dog and cat food.  Luckily, one doesn’t HAVE to bring the dog along when shopping for his food.

Generally, dogs are easier to shop for as they’re pretty much content with what they get.  As long as they get their daily food and water bowls filled at least twice a day, they’re happy.  However….
I’ve been asked to get dog food on one of my frequent trips to town.  And made the mistake of grabbing the first one I found.  And was subjected to another one of those “looks.”  Me: “What?  It’s dog food.”  *look intensifies.  I begin to wonder if I should consider making a hasty exit stage left.  *gurgle.  My eyes widen.  *splutter.  *Dog growls low in its’ throat cause it knows I’ve done something to its’ master.  I begin to sidle to the door whilst keeping an eye on both the spluttering master and the growling dog.

“Bye, See ya.”  Frantic backward dash to begin fumbling for the door knob which, unfortunately, has mysteriously moved approximately six inches to the left or right of where I’d seen it last.  Near hysteria slowly begins to descend when the spluttering master begins to advance upon me.  I switch my eyes to the now snarling dog when the spluttering master reaches for the door knob, opens it and I suddenly find myself and the porch fast becoming acquainted with each other.  I look up to see a shaking finger pointing at me, snarling dog still watching me with this strange glint in its’ eyes.  Since I’m safely outside of the house with my car just feet away, I begin to think I might make it home.

Gone are the days when dogs were happy with what they got.


  1. This made me smile. Especially since my sister's cat has "THE" cat food.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Cats, oh yeah, cats.

  2. Boy, dog food must have changed a lot. Ha-ha. Glad you didn't get your britches bit! It's been awhile since I've had a dog. I'm a cat person myself.

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  3. Oh my...that is funny. I guess there shouldn't be all those choices in dog and cat food we have these days.

    While growing up, my grandmother always fed the dogs cornmeal mush with table scraps. No one complained about a thing. I don't think she ever bought any dog food at the store to my knowledge. Things were simpler back then.




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