07 April 2016

F is for Food

Food is the word of the day.  Ahh, I could sit here all day, thinking about all the food I’ve eaten in my life.  Not to be, though, cause I’m here to write about food.  Not think about it.  Been thinking bout the delicious soups my sister makes while hinting “MMMM. Fry bread would go so good with this.”  And the baked beans my mom used to make.  Oh!  The one with all the veggies in it-rutabagas, parsnips, turnips, celery, cabbage, onions, carrots and spices that I never paid attention to when she was putting it together.  Don’t think she used anything other than salt and pepper.  MMMM, tasty.

And the sweet bread my Aunt used to make.  Her son took it upon himself to make it and got it right.  Now, he’s walked on and I don’t know if anyone else has kept that recipe on.  I have it somewhere.  Think I’ll try to find it, cause she gave it to me one time.  I only tried it once.  Looking for it, I mean.  I miss it.

And the delicious breads that Tom used to make.  Course he got a bread making machine.  Bread was still delicious.  Sister also  makes some mighty tasty cinnamon rolls.  And brother Ray makes some delicious wild rice casseroles.  Oh! And the deer meat gravy with potatoes.  Man, oh, man.  Thinking I’m getting hungry thinking bout the food we eat.

Duck soup.  Roast deer meat with carrots, celery, rutabagas.  Plain old wild rice slathered with butter and lightly salted.  Corn bread, which I make every so often.  Cousin’s pineapple upside-down cake.  And my other cousin’s fry bread.  And then there’s the peanut butter cookies that the kids make.  And spaghetti that the boys make.  And another cousin makes the most delicious wild rice dishes with ingredients that are to hand, but the best is his tater-tot hot dish.  Mom and I used to wake up in the morning and see the leftovers when all the boys were over playing their games and had eaten “without us.”  They finally took to saving a dish for the “Old One.”  She would save a bite or two for me.

And the pow-wow feasts.  MMMM.  Dish after dish of food would be contributed by all in the village.  Sometimes, one couldn’t fit much more than a serving size spoonful on their plate cause there’d be so many to choose from.  And cedar tea flavored with honey.  Hot chocolate with marshmellows.  And my niece’s chocolate coffee.  And she makes a great egg breakfast dish that I never got the name of.  It’s so delicious.  And my sister’s scrambled eggs.  

Oh, the skillet breakfast with the fried potatoes which Mom and the boys would ask for at least once a week.  I usually served this on Saturday or Sunday and we’d all sit around eating and just relaxing.  Best quit thinking about food and get back to writing bout all that delicious food.  Yummy food, yes.


  1. this was the most evil post today! you're talking about food! oh my goodness! i am drooling now eventhough i just finished my lunch!


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