11 April 2016

I is for ???

And now for the letter I.  I, I, I.  What food starts with the letter I?  Sides Ice cream.  What in cooking starts with the letter I?  Did a search on the ‘Net.  Incan berries?  Don’t think that’s an option.  I coouldd write about ice cream.  However, it’s not something I really like to think bout.  The modern ice cream is just not tasty.  I  used to like the French vanilla ice cream.  Then, well.  And now, maple nut ice cream, I may eat once in a while.  Aside from that, that’s all I can write about ice cream.  The texture is just not like it used to be.

I once tried to make home made ice cream.  Assembled everything and then gave up.  Nuff said bout that.  The memory makes me shudder.  Gladly pay for some one else’s ice cream, cept it’s made with oil.  Yick.  Like raw egg.

What’s that comment from the peanut gallery?  Have I ever eaten raw egg?  Oh yeah.  Back in the day.  I was, naturally, young and foolish. Of course, it was more on the lines of a triple dare as the challenger knew I was a bookworm and not very likely to accept the challenge.  And, naturally, my sister wasn’t around to get me out of this scrape.  Who knows?  She might have even encouraged it.  Weelll.  I stood there eyeing that egg carton, trying not to shudder at the thought of that egg sliding down my throat.  My eyes kept wanting to squinch up and I was fervently hoping no one would notice.  Course they all said they’d already done so.  I eyed the cup I was supposed to drink it from.  I almost walked away.

Thinking back, my cousin probably knew I’d walk away, so she cracked open the egg and put it in the cup and held it out.  I studied the thing for several eternities, finally grabbed it and drank it as fast as I dared.  Oh.  Man, that feeling is still there in my memory.  Yuck.  I couldn’t eat an egg for days after.  Still, to this day, I only eat eggs that are over easy.  The yolk itself isn’t bad.  It’s the whites that are not good at all to me.  

Cooking?  Something starting with the letter I.  Food?  I?  A very great dilemma.  All I can think of is Instant.  Instant everything, potatoes, chocolate, chocolate milk.  Ahh.  Thinking I’ll give up on the letter I.  Sorry, guys, I guess food, cooking and the letter I just doesn’t go together in my experience.
Some other time, maybe, hopefully.  Think I’ll go and check out that Incan berry thing.  Might just be the thing.

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