15 April 2016

Macaroni, etc.

Mustn’t let a challenge regarding food and cooking go by without mentioning macaroni.  It’s become a staple in most Indian homes.  We buy macaroni by the five pound box at least twice a month.  Even though we buy it in bulk, there’s really only a few dishes we actually cook.  Most of them are what’s called “Hangover soup.”  This name comes from the days when 90% of the village adults drank to excess.  Now, though, the name is just a hold over.

Oh and my favorite-Malted milk balls. We’d go to town and buy a couple of the big boxes.  Two because we were lucky if one would be left when we got home.  Ya ever eat something so much that your mouth hurts?  And you keep eating til it’s gone?  Well, that’s what happened to me, so much that now I look for the small packages and buy only one.  Thinking I might go up to the store and buy one in a bit.

Minestrone soup?  Wasn’t til I left home for a stint in college that I learned we ate minestrone soup at home, only called “Hangover Soup.”

Muffins, Meatballs, and mashed potatoes were combined in one meal once.  Meat ball gravy and corn meal muffins along with green beans.  Never did that again.  Not too sure why my meat balls didn’t look at all like the picture.  Now, I just make meatballs like I’m making meat loaf and just make the mix into little balls and fry them.  Guess one could bake them, only I never really like baking.   Cept a few times when I made this dish consisting of peas on the bottom layer, meat mixture in the center and mashed potatoes on the top.  If I was feeling ambitious, I made a sauce to go on the top.  Ya guessed it.  That didn’t happen very often.  Course now, I think it’s called shepherd’s pie.  We call it “Commode dish.”

Muffins. I rarely try to make them from scratch any more.  Best to get a mix cause then I didn’t have to struggle with remembering if I’d added one cup or two cups of flour.  Why is this such a problem?  Cause we had to make big batches, like doubling the recipe.

Mallards are another item we ate.  Sometimes, Mom would make duck soup, with macaroni, if she didn’t have any other stuff to put in it, like barley, or potatoes, or parsnips, turnips.  Hmm.  It’s getting close to supper time as I write this.

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