23 April 2016


Tuna.  Tuna, canned, is another staple which I don’t much care for.  I  think that fish is bout the only thing I’ll eat.  Ahh, one day we were sitting around eating walleye.  Not sure why I eat the fish the way I do.  May have gotten that from my dad.  I first pick off all the breading the fish is cooked in, then proceed to cut it apart and take out all the bones.  Which is what I proceeded to do.  I was so involved in eating that fish that I zoned out.

I felt someone watching me, so I looked up, glanced around and people were watching me eat.  Jenny motioned me to pick up the fish, put it in my mouth and eat.  I made a face and left the rest of my fish.  I was finished eating the portion I wanted anyway.  I just smiled and shook my head.  Well, one can’t eat tuna that way.  It’s cooked right into our meals.

My sister and my mom could eat it right out of the can.  Same thing with salmon, cept for sister, who doesn’t really care for salmon out of a can.  She does make a mean salmon loaf though.  And sardines.  I’d buy Mom a couple cans of sardines and crackers every time I went to town.  Not sure why I don’t care for sardines, either.  Thinking I might be a closet vegan?  Nah.  Think it’s just that I prefer the plant type food and I’ll eat protein when my body tells me to eat meat.

Now, tuna is cooked with noodles mostly, when we want a hot meal, with macaroni when we want the salad.  My son makes the best tuna salad and he makes lots of it.  We make a bit pot of something in the morning and munch on it the rest of the day.  Less, of course, if family members show up.  “When was this cooked?” if John comes home and sees food on the stove or the counter.  “Today” and he’ll eat.  Else he continues to the cupboards to see what is there to make a sandwich.

Ahhh, I shouldn’t have written that, cause now the whole world knows I don’t always do dishes right away.  I leave food out on the counter and I’m not perfect.  Well, what can one do when one is in the throes of the next scene complication that needs to be worked out?  They don’t even ask about food any more during the months of April, July and November.  Made progress in the past dozen or so years.  I’m not expected to cook or do much of anything during these months.  So, guess it’s back to canned tuna, macaroni and salad dressing.  And mustn’t forget the onions.

Reminds me.  I’ll have to stock up on the essentials cause April is just around the corner.  I’ve worked on the outlines for the books I want finished by June.  As soon as this challenge is drafted, along with a few more posts for my other blogs, I’ll get back to working on them.


  1. Hi. I used to like tuna casserole. Not So Much Anymore!

    1. Me, too. Once in a great while it tastes great.

  2. I don't do the dishes straight away either. Thank goodness. I thought it was just me alone in the whole world.

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

    1. I knew there were others whose dishes got put in the dishwasher. Least those are out of sight.


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