25 May 2019

Finally! Another post from Yours Truly.

Ahh, if you haven't been following me over to my Writerly Journal, you might not be aware that I've been happily (though not 100% of the time) planning out my business.  Yepper, took the plunge into the formal business world's idea of success, ya know the one where one has to have a business plan to start with?

Well, have been doing one and it's now at the point that trips me up because of the (what I consider) nitpicky stuff of tracking expenses.  Right down to the penny or is it percentage of pennies?  And trying to do something called forecasting.  Luckily for me, there are programs that'll help with this.  Unfortunately for me, those things cost many pennies.  Which, being an almost broke fledging author, feels like an awfully high mountain to climb. 

Ahh well, I've climbed what seemed like high mountains, only to discover they were only high hills.  Being a Short Person doesn't help when coming upon these obstacles.  Well, I want to relate something that happened to me only yesterday during one of my monthly sojourns out into the real world. 

My son and I left home, (where I'd left my old computer happily, I hoped, transferring projects, writings, scapples, Scrivenings, etc. to the cloud so I can get them on the new laptop my sons got for me for Mother's Day) to get groceries which I'd only been trying to do for a week.  Got to town where the day's adventure really began.

First off, my son treated me to the Buffet at Jues where we filled our tummies with the good food they make round bout noon time.  As they like to hand out those fortune cookies when one has finished their meal, I looked forward to seeing what mine was.  My son touched them both, chose, and stuck it in his pocket.  He went to settle the bill, came back, sat down and promptly opened the cooky still on the table.  (Mine, in case you're wondering. I still wasn't done eating.) 

Whereupon, I informed him "that's mine."  He started to disagree, then checked his pocket and handed it over.  Well, tossed it on the table.  When I'd finished eating, I opened it, thinking to myself that whatever was in that cooky must have originally been intended for me, having taken a roundabout way to land in my hands.

"Be cautious and examine any business plan."  Hahahohoheehee! 

Course I showed him and informed him quite happily that it must have been intended for me.  He laughed. 

So, we left to get the groceries at the local WalMart (whoa, settle down WalMart haters, I prefer to spend my money at places according to the amount of money I have to spend.  Which as is so often the case with struggling, fledging authors, I have very little of.)  I came across the bridge, went up to the posted Speed and continued my way til the next stop light, having safely made the green lights.

It turned yellow and since I was a tad bit too far to "go faster," since everyone knows that's what those yellow lights mean, I slammed my foot down on the brake, promptly slid halfway into the intersection, son is yelling, 'You didn't have to stop." whilst looking in the mirror at the car behind me.  Fortunately, the driver left me enough room to back up.

Son and I were quiet.  Light turned green, "Go" and I proceeded.  I chanced a peek at my son and sure enough, he had the look.  "Are you mad at me?"  This is because he doesn't like me hitting the brakes too hard and i get comments, observations etc on my driving or rather stopping habits.  This attitude came about because he had to pay for and now knows what brake shoes, pad and perhaps rotors cost.  "No."

Thus ended the days adventures as we proceeded to go home, car loaded with groceries. The end?
Not.  Had to make a u-ie at the turn posted with a detour sign, head back to Hardee's for the Mushroom & Swiss burger my eldest desired for his supper. 

Upon reflection of the day's activities, I think of that fortune cooky and giggle.  I thought the be cautious warning pertained only to my business plan.  Tck, tck, tck.  Silly me.