20 December 2020

Laura's Lessons: What I've Learned

I've been watching Laura's videos for a couple years now.  Her vids were being posted in Ireland and I don't really remember now how I came across her. Her way of talking reminded me so much of my father's manner of speaking.  

I watched quite a few of her videos before I ever checked out her website.  Then I used some of her real simple worksheets and then in 2018, Christmas Eve to be exact, I finally decided to find out what "Bullet Journal" was.  She'd mentioned this a few times along with some of her other things on planning.  Long story short, I've done the Bullet Journal and am still working on it.  

Revising and reviewing  and setting it up to fit me and my style of working.  This is the longest I've stuck with one way of doing things.  And, No, I Do Not Have ADD, ADHD or such things.  I do have PTSD and Bullet Journalling has helped me a lot.  

I did her worksheets on setting goals when I was working on my business plan during 2019.  These helped me focus and what I'd already accomplished, what I wanted to do and what needed to be done to accomplish my goals. 

Then 2020 happened.  Well, for me it really started the last week before Christmas 2019 and all of this will be in my forthcoming book "I May Not Have Time."  The past couple months I've been picking up the pieces that got scattered and realizing that Yeah, I have come a long way since last year.  

Laura has developed some courses that I have yet to explore.  I'd gotten a notification from Facebook that I hadn't visited her private group in the last 30 days and I could leave the group if I wanted to.  No!  I didn't want to leave, I'm just working on "#Getting My Shit Together." 

This video was on her wall, so I watched it and the 10 habits are something that I've become more aware of and a couple I was already incorporating into my life from "before."  Before what? ya may rightfully ask and I'll tell ya that it's Before the Covid.  Some of you may be looking for help in setting up your New Year's resolutions and/or just reviewing for whatever reasons.  Give this video a looksee for anything you may be missing or perhaps reaffirm those you already do. 

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