08 August 2008

Doing Beadwork Patterns

Today marks another day in my quest to master the art of cutting five petal patterns for our traditional applique work. It only took me three tries compared to my usual "Mom, I just can't get it" whereupon she'll cut it for me.

I showed her the second one I did and she handed me a star that she had cut. I used this once again. I got the folds even on my second try. After cutting, it looked like I had ten petals. She examined it and told me I had cut it down instead of leaving it even. Now, when I mark it on the velvet, I need to remember to go straight across. I put "straight across" on the petals so I wouldn't mark it wrong. One of the hazards of working with velvet, you need to make your mistakes on paper first.

I usually work from the inside out on the wild rose pattern. I want to know how to make the patterns in case I need to show someone how to do this. I rarely use patterns for applique. When I do use them, the finished product doesn't look anything like my pattern.

One of other things she does, is use the backing for the edging, sort of like the edges sometimes used to finish quilts. Another project I need to master. I use the store bought binding and hand sew the edges.

I started this project yesterday. It took me 12 hours to cut the velvet. I got the measurements perfect and then looked at it. Finally, I made the first cut and it turned out okay. Next cut is the neck hole and back. The should be easier. I am going to baste around the part to be cut and then make the cuts.

It might take a couple hours to get up the nerve to do this part. At least I should have the beads on it. I don't mind using velvet for my own projects. Then it doesn't matter how many mistakes I make with it. I can always make something out of any scraps. It's when I'm doing something for someone else that I get nervous.

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