01 August 2008

Friday, Free Day

Today is one good thing after another. First, I didn't have to work on my birthday. Second, my four year old nephew showed me a new game on the computer. Next, I didn't have to cook. I got over 199,000 on Texttwist. Yea.

I got three more articles done, one essay and my niece found my cigarettes I had misplaced three or four days ago. The lighter was still inside. I didn't want to lose the lighter. It was a gift to me.

I checked out the solar eclipse at National Geographic. Great pictures, though the video is what I saw. The image in my memory is a picture though. Those are the kinds of things I bring up when I write. It helps me to choose words more carefully. Thinking about the solar eclipse has given me some new ideas for my stories. I was researching, trying to find pictures or explanations that would help. Yea for today. Now, I'm going to have some fun on the internet. I thought about setting up links but will leave that for another day.

Before the midnight hour, I will be going over my list of goals, etc. for the forthcoming year. I use my birthday for this, instead of the New Year. It's too hectic during those days. I limit myself to four, one for each three month period. Saves on the guilt if I don't go exactly as planned. I have some leeway built in. What's surprising to me is I actually have accomplished those goals. Another yea. Sometimes, I have to be my own cheerleader. Although, my father just called and sang to me.

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