11 June 2011

11 June 2011 Getting to be Annual Blogpost time

Aaniin,  greetings one and all.  I lost my password, then had to work on getting my website back up and running.  Found my password.  Then had to find the site I looked at earlier in May.  Went to my website to get the necessary admin stuff out of the way so I could access my blog.  After all that, I found out that I had a regular account.  Hah.  Then had to find the site that was supposed to help me get in the habit of posting every day.  Missed the deadline of June 5 for the "Blogroll".  Looked at the prompts, looked at a few of the blogs.  Found my Blog, read back over what I had previously posted.  Now here I am.  Only took roughly 2 weeks.  Ahh well, didn't let you know about the daily excursions to Cafeworld or semi-daily trips to Farmville.  These two games have been taking up the majority of my off-duty time. 

I found out one of the hazards of cooking dishes in the fantasy kitchen of Cafeworld is the discussion with my sister concerning what to serve next.  Do not discuss what is being cooked when there are several hungry people in the next room who can hear what you're saying.  

"I'm cooking the pot roast."  ends in "I hate you.  I hate Cafeworld." when it is discovered that the pot roast will take two days to cook.  Discussions of French toast and Eggs Benedict end in groans from the next room.  "You got my  hopes up and all set for good food."  when it is discovered that I just served 40 of the required 80 Toasts and still need 165 Eggs Benedict. 

And the hazard of farming is forgetting the time of the crops planted, going to the site, waiting several minutes for it to load, only to find the crops had wilted.  Now, I'm delaying visiting my farm until I hit the required time for one of my goodhearted neighbors to unwither my crops because I ran out of Farmville Cash with which to unwither them myself for the hefty price of 5 FV.  Hahhnhh.  

Now, I've added another objective to my long list of things I want to do when I find the time.  Daily blogging.  This objective is to turn the Annual Blogpost into one of the following varieties:
  1.  monthly at the least
  2.  weekly for a lessening of the "oh drats, what did I do with that password" 
  3.  daily for the great sense of accomplishment I just know I will feel seeing my blog added to daily.  

Gathering all the necessary items takes up several minutes.  I just have to have chips to chomp,  coffee to slurp, an open path to the door for my, oh horrors, dare I say it?? Yeah.  My twice hourly cigarette.  Ahh, there it is.  In reality, my twice hourly cigarette is both halves to make a finished one.

That leads to thoughts of my son's comments which leads to the hankering for the real thing.

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