12 June 2011

Changing habits

I spent several more hours checking out the new site.  Found out the theme for the month is "fan" and thought "there goes that.  No mention of the word fan in my post."  Read further and found it was only an objective.  Well, thank goodness.  One thing at a time.  My objective is to post daily.  

I see the logic behind the 30 day Blog posting.  I read somewhere that it takes about 21 days to form a habit.  The extra seven days will be reinforcement.  Yeah.  Then I can add another objective.  Hopefully, I will be caught up and can get to the monthly theme.  Most likely not though.  I have several other habits that I want to follow through on, change or drop.  

It's a mite harder to drop a few habits.  That's when I discover how much I really use those particular habits.  When I finally decide to drop one, I need to find one to replace it.  Then a quandary takes hold of my attention, slowly throwing me into a panic.  What am I going to do about a new habit.  I spend several hours, days, sometimes months checking out new habits with which to replace the one I want to drop.  That's when I discover that I really didn't want to drop that habit.  I hope Blog posting will not be one of the "drop" variety.  I want it to be the change variety.  It's certainly not the follow through variety; I do have annual posts for that.  

I checked out some of the other features such as groups.  Most have't been active for at least a year.  No "change" support there.  I progressed to reading the posting for the past few days.  Found a couple that I just had to comment on.  Then couldn't find the button for following the blog.  Drats.  This morning when I logged in, I saw that my comments are tracked.  Yea.  So, in between shifts today, I will be checking on those interspersed with trying to find that button again.  Methinks I'll have to spend some time on my own blog to hit those buttons.  

There was mention of Facebook's 30 day challenge on one.  I found the Facebook page, checked out the comments on the feed.  Logged in to that account this morning, found out I forgot to hit the like button.  Another search today with the sole objective of hitting the like button.  

One thing that I caught myself doing while I was logged in to Facebook.  Automatically going to my cafe and farm.  Now, there's a habit I need to think about.

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