13 June 2011

Unfinished Business

Today's almost half over.  I don't think I've accomplished much of anything this day.  And now, it's a full 3 hours later. Took my "old lady" nap.  Just had an interesting conversation with my son that had a new term "chillax" and thought that's cool.  My sons are both in their thirties, play video games and generally keep me up to date with the latest gadgets.  Several of my nieces and nephews also help me be "cool".  

I figured out why this day seems to be off.  I'd have had this posted by 0600 this morning.  Went out in the predawn hours and got back around 0610.  That's it.  Glad that's figured out.  I have almost hit the required time for the unwithering of my crops.  There are some few other things I would have had done by this time.  Still that doesn't fully explain the sense of unfinished business. 

I didn't have any goals, objectives or tasks set for the day.  You ever have the feeling that there's something missing?  That's just how this day has been.  And now it's almost time to fulfill my daily obligation that puts food on the table.  Maybe that's the reason.  I switched from days to midnights, have totally different days off and my sleep patterns have changed.  And just when I get used to that, I'll switch back.  

Went looking for beads to start a project.  It's a fairly simple one, not too time consuming.  Beading should help me to relax and see things in a clearer light.  I can use my "creative talent" to design the beading for the yoke I'm doing.  Since I will be doing the outfit one piece at a time, I'll have to visualize the whole thing.  Step one, then move to step two.  That could also have contributed to the unfinished-ness of the day.  I'm used to having the whole amount of the beads I need to do a project.  This time I don't have that.  Now, the store will be closed until Wednesday.  Must figure out something else.  

I have enough size 13 beads, quite a bit of size 11, some 12's and very few 10's.  Size 13 are too small to get the requested first part of the outfit done in time.  The other sizes are in the wrong shades.  Generally, I try to keep at least 1 pound of each basic color used in our traditional attire.  Slipped on that somewhere.  

White and black are so necessary that I grab at least 4 hanks when I'm shopping somewhere.  Then red, green and blues are next.  Those aren't needed at this time.  Yellow and orange aren't needed yet either.  Rarely use browns, purple or pink, though that depends on my mood.  And whether I have something in my head that just must be used.

Inspiration comes from such places as this.    

I have some difficulty in getting the colors I'd like to be able to match the blue of the sky, the different greens.  

I carry a lot of pictures like this in my head.  It's nice to be able to use a camera and just look.  These are day shots.  I have memories of sunrises, sunsets, how the lake looks at different times, even night ones.  I sit and look at the sky at night, try to see if I can identify any star besides the north star.  

Well, got myself in a better mood just looking at those pictures and thinking about beads.  I still have a slight unfinished feeling.  Think I will take another "old lady" nap and ponder the situation.

Photos: Mildred R Holmes.

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