15 June 2011

Only take what you can eat

Being at home during the day is nice.  There seems to be more hours in which to get things done. So...What have I done?  Added even more things to my plate.  I need to remember "Only take what you can eat."  Good advice.  

Whenever we have a feast for ceremonies, one mandate is to finish everything on your plate. You mustn't drop any food, mustn't give anything to someone else to finish for you and  wait til everyone has been served before getting seconds, if there is any more food.  99.5% of the time, there is more.  Everyone watches how much is left because there shouldn't be anything left when the ceremony is done.  I've noticed that most times, just the right amount of food is contributed by community members.  Rarely does someone leave hungry.  

I need to remember this when I am planning my day.  I finally figured out what was missing the day before.  I paid for it yesterday.  Trying to catch up with things I had neglected to leave enough time for caused that incomplete feeling.   Monday's unfinished business was the direct result of taking too much.  I couldn't finish my plate, couldn't pass it to someone else and tried to take seconds when my plate was already full.  

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