14 July 2011

Another day surfing

Still trying to find out why some of my posts are not publishing.  I wonder if it has something to do with clearing my cache.  I have to do that in order to play my games on my usual haunt.  Otherwise, I wait for 2 or 3 minutes for games to load..

Isn't it amazing how long 2 minutes can be?  In football, those 2 minutes can take up to one and a half hours.  On cafeworld, it can be long enough to spoil your dishes right before your eyes.  On FV, it's long enough to wish you hadn't bought so much stuff.  The game site developers now want me to give up more space on my computer to store some of the stuff so it doesn't take so long to load. No can do.  

I need that valuable space for the updated versions of programs needed to be able to play the games.  The number of programs now on my computer take up 40% of available memory. Good thing I have external drives to store pictures and such.  

I need space to store all the necessary items for my chosen craft of writing.  Those novels can take up a lot of space when revising.  Have to save a copy in case I delete something I might need.  Did that once.  Changed something in a scene, then decided the original was better.  Lo and behold, it wasn't to be found.  Tried to write it from memory.  Nothing doing.

The other valuable space is taken up by antivirus, security type programs to keep my computer running.  I reset the automated tasks in order to be able to play.  Ho, that can be frustrating when I only have a few minutes to get something done.  A lot of the tasks take place in the background and this causes moments of intense emotions resulting in shouted words that remind me of my father.  He was quite vocal at certain times of the year, particularly In January, when the Pack was playing.  

The last week has been full of such moments for me.  Most irksome and what has caused a few calls to the tech support for DSL is the inexplicable down times for the internet connection.  It was hard to be courteous when I was right in the middle of serving dishes that had only a few seconds before they spoiled.  Now, we need to get a new filter or add another phone jack just for the DSL line.  It's always one thing or another with this fascination of mine.  

Then, today, I was checking out some background info for one of my books.  That was at 0700 or thereabouts.  Next thing I know, it's 1700 and time to eat.  I had seven tabs open on one browser.  Tried to use another browser and realized that I was trying to do too many things once again.  Time for a break.  Good thing supper was ready.

Some time during the day, I had come across many books that I had read many years ago.  Bookmarked them and then remembered I have a Kindle app.  Now, I'm learning how to use that.  I need to learn cause now my mother and sister want to get one.  Joy of joys.  Now, we need to figure out what to do with some of the books that we have.   Which brings me back full circle to the burning questions of why posts aren't publishing and links aren't working.  Think I'm ready to deal with that now.  

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