14 July 2011

Getting a library or Kindle figured out

Figured out the Kindle app on my computer.  It's great.  Now, I'll have the problem of not enough time again because of my love of books.  Dragons feature prominently.  I looked at the available titles on Amazon.  I haven't figured out yet if I can download from other sites.  There are some free sites listed under the free collections.  Went to one and the system was slow.

The best thing is I can get a lot books that I don't have the physical room for.  The house is currently full to the point of walking around the boxes.  Getting to ones I want to read again is tough.  Books are moved because there are eight of us who read.  Oh.  I remember when I used to want to live in a library.  "Be careful what you wish for" seems to fit right now.  

Being able to get the books I'd like may mean getting a second job to pay for them.  Many of the ebooks are under $5.  It'll be hard to resist the temptation of overbuying.   I looked at a few on the Smashwords site.  Luckily there is variety of formats to choose from.  If you have the time, you can use the web page view and read without downloading. 

I have just a few more edits on my short story.  Will be publishing it.  Haven't decided which self publisher to use yet.  There are a couple that I'm thinking about.  Soon as that is figured out, I will be back to posting various items I call random thoughts or whatever catches my attention.  Most likely something to do with the latest black hole on my favorite haunt.  Or... something to do with the latest misadventure with the black hole located in my bedroom that sucks up all my important items such as my USB cord for my camera which also happens to be the charger for it.  

I swear, I think the little people are out having fun these days.  Forgot about them.  Pays to remember such things and keep stuff put away.  Haaahn now that leads to organizing the area around the black hole which leads to getting storage things to put my items in.  Then leads to putting those things in a spot inaccessible to gremlins who may be the ones responsible for items being put near the black hole.  

Hmmm.  They may be experimenting with such things as: How close can they set an item such as my USB cord to the edge of the hole before it gets sucked in.  Or maybe there is another being such as the one that eats socks in the washer.  Hmmmm.  Must ponder on this for awhile.

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