16 July 2011

Of black holes, brownies and other things

July 15 is hot, muggy and good for staying indoors, if you have air conditioning.  Luckily, there is one here.  It's a one room size that sits in the kitchen.  Fans have been set up to circulate the air around the house.  It's cool inside.  My son and I have the light out which one is not supposed to do when looking at computer monitors.  We're cool and that's what counts.

The black hole in my room has shrunk a little.  Maybe it's not being fed.  It regurgitated one item we were looking for.  Alas, not my USB cord.  Still, three people looked in one spot for the item at various times during the three or four hours we tore apart the house.  On the fourth go around, the item was located with much jubilation.  Then cries of "I looked there twice" followed the announcement of where it was found.  "You didn't look good enough" was the last comment I heard as I was heading out to bring the requested item to my son.  I think one of the brownies brought it back for us.  Try telling that to my household and I'd be standing around arguing for the better part of an hour.  

I spent some more time checking out Smashwords free ebooks.  Some are not my taste and others just don't interest me.  Still there is plenty to look at.  I haven't downloaded anything to my Kindle app yet.  I'm reading the ones that were provided.  After 40 years, I have finally read "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  There were two others but I've already read those.  Now, I'm on a hunt for more.  

Checked out some more blogs.  Of the thousands, maybe millions, on the web, I'm having trouble finding any that hold my attention for longer than the one post.  Even searching by tags doesn't really help.  I've looked at those on Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) and they're not that active.  I look at the archives and get page errors.    I look at search results and find they're ranked by page.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  I'm at the stage of "I'll know it when I see it" which leaves me with the task of looking at those thousands or millions.  

Then again, a message is being sent to me to finish what I start.  Quit procrastinating. I have edited two of the novels, reread a third and skimmed the other 9.  I also found about 7 short stories I had been writing.   There were 4 unfinished poems, 3 that had two lines.  An interesting thing about those two line ones.  I remember why I started them, I just don't have the words yet that describes the picture I am seeing.  

I'm working on a beading project and have figured out how I'm going to work the design.  In the interest of saving time, I have broken it down into little pieces.  After those are done and sewed on the yoke, I just have to do the vining and a few leaves.  Yay.  

If I could wrestle my USB cord back from the gremlins, or get the brownies to bring it back, I would post pictures.  What keeps coming to mind is...I took the cord out of my computer after the last upload, rolled and rubberbanded the cord and set it on my shelf.  I distinctly remember thinking "I'd better put it back in the box."  I didn't want to do so, even though it was on my way out the door.  Now, days have turned into weeks and no cord.  Even with us tearing up the house yesterday, no one came across it.  drats and double drats.  There must be one more spot it could have fallen and I can't think where it would be.  

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