17 July 2011

The Road

Aaniin.  Greetings all. This morning finds me up and about quite early.  The fact that I had to work didn't have anything to do with my early rising.  I went to sleep early due to the amount of exercise I got last evening.  And the reaction from several sand fly bites.  We mowed the lawn at my brother's house.  And several feet of overgrown grass between his place and his sister's place.  The actual undertaking took about 2 hours and I decided I was coming home.  

Deeds like this are okay once in a great while.  Reminds me of the old days.  When we'd help someone with their chores so we could all do something fun together.  Well, maybe not fun by today's standards.  Oh no.  Then we'd ride bikes, walk around the village, play softball.  Didn't do any of those last night.  Came home and went to sleep.

There were some plans to go back to my dad's and move a car.  Not sure about that.  The rest can go up there.  I'm sticking close to home what with 4 hours between shifts and three shifts today.  I'm researching also.  And figured out some more of the tech stuff as you can see by the header on my blog.

That road has been a huge part of my life.  I traveled to school on it.  And no, I didn't walk to school.  I rode the bus like any other civilized child of the 60's and 70's.  And it was high school, a school which is no more.  It closed at the end of this school year.   I came home to get married.  I brought my sons home from the hospital.  I traveled back and forth for the past 15 years to and from employment.  It has seen my relatives come home for visits.  

It has changed little in the last 40 years. It has been repaved every few years.  Four houses were located along this stretch.  Those are now in the pages of history.  I think of all my relatives who traveled this road in the past.  There are a lot of memories on this road.

I'm hoping I'll be traveling on that road on my way to book signings and all the other author type stuff one has to do to sell books.  I'm hoping my relatives will continue to visit.  I know there will be lots of occasions to travel on this road-celebrations, visits with family elsewhere, homecoming.  

The road has lots of possibilities.  

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