18 July 2011

Devising a plan of sorts

Aniin.  Greetings.  Today's another sunshiny morning.  Getting ready to hunt down that black hole that's got hold of my USB cord.  Why don't you just get another one you ask?  It's the principle of the thing.  Black holes shouldn't just appear and then disappear whenever they feel like it.  And then there's the issue of why give back one item and hang on to the rest.

Most of the items are of interest only to me.  A few may have passing interest for some which means that someone on the other side of that black hole has set this item as their heart's desire.  I do not want to encourage this sort of behavior.  

Oh for those of you who might argue that I'm talking about a wormhole:  things come back from a wormhole.  Not so with black holes, unless you have a very smart brownie who will go out of his/her/it's way to rescue something for you.  

And the thing with brownies, one has to feed them. Or so I've heard.  I've not had the pleasure of personally dealing with one, so I don't know how one goes about it.  A quick look on the net reveals that I was right.  There appears to be a catch to this feeding.  If I bribe the brownie or pay it, it will leave forever.  Good thing I haven't done that.  Well, I guess that plan goes out the window.  I must depend on the brownie's goodwill.  

Does that sound familiar to some of you?  Well, not the part about leaving forever after forcing a brownie to accept payment/bribe.  The part about feeding.  Apparently, the brownies are little people who like water, may be related to water sprites, and do household chores if it strikes their fancy.  If you don't feed one, it may do mischief.  According to another site, brownies become attached to a family and may move with the family if they move, due to their protective nature.  Hmmm.  

Another thing I discovered is that some Scots will leave a chair open near the fire for their brownie.  Only children, because of their innocence, {or those with second sight} can see them.  Hmmmm.   Hmmmm.  

On another note, I also looked up gremlin.  Apparently, their origin is more recent, 1923 -1940, the advent of airplanes in general use.  The RAF is credited with telling their stories first.  Now, they seem to be more mischief makers with machines.  Much of the mischief is more along the lines of boys playing pranks.  I may have been right when I first surmised that a gremlin might be experimenting with my USB cord.  

It's looking more and more like I'd best stick to my original plan and hunt down that black hole myself.  

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