18 July 2011

Goodness Gracious or Eureka

Goodness gracious.  Remember the other day when I was complaining ahem, discussing my lack of blogs to follow in the areas I was interested in?   

Today's perusal of blogs came from the Writer's Beware post on my very own favorite haunt, well, second favorite haunt.  And today's number of tabs have been strictly limited to 5, 3 of which are mandatory in the event I find a blog worth following.  Several have been added to my following list.  Though a couple of them can only be seen on my Goggle Reader.  Some are private, some are not.  {Reasoning is I'm checking out the features, so that I understand how this blog works.} 

No comments yet on any of them.  {You can make comments on any of my posts, I've used Open ID you can use to log in.  Course if you are already logged in, you should be able to post, with the understanding I reserve the right to moderate all comments.}  I've discussed the nature of my hopes for the near future.  I've posted links to a couple both here and on my second favorite haunt.  {It moved to second when time became an issue.  Alas spoiled dishes, withered crops. woe is me.}  

The Goodness Gracious comes in after I discovered that the sites I've joined and in the process of learning how to self-publish are highly recommended, or at least the bigger Indie outfits with author's needs in the forefront of their mission of making money.  

About 2 paydays ago, my sister and I went to pick up some items she had left at her daughters.  I had been thinking about all the work involved in getting a book to the selling stage.  I know I can sell them.  It's getting them to that particular stage I was leery about.  

Inside one of the weekly mags she likes to read, there was this poem titled "You're ready to live your dreams" which has been the starting point of all this frenzied activity with the end result of getting my books, short stories and/or poems published and ready to sell.  Each time I have faltered or just wanted to sit and take a breather, I'd get another message of encouragement from unlikely places, via the written word.  Today happens to be another one of those days that encouragement has come from an unexpected source. 

Thus, Goodness Gracious.  I think many of you are familiar with Amanda Hocking's story.  She's the author of several books in the young adult paranormal romance genre.  Haven't read any of her books yet.  That might wait until my younger nieces get the book to read.  {Remember, I'd have to get a second job?}  Well, she's self published her books and sold 1000000 or {is it 2 mil} copies.  I happened to read one of her blogs wherein she mentions that she blogged all through the process of her self publication.  There.  Right there is what I have been checking out various blogs, websites, etc for.  

Goodness Gracious. 

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